Mozilla Community India Meetup 2014

FSA team - Mozilla India

FSA team – Mozilla India


This is one of the biggest meet up by the Mozilla India. Contributors from different parts of the India came and participated in the event. Really most excited to attend this event. But due to exams missed some parts of the events on 6th evening and 4th.

I reached Park hyderabad on 5th morning around 9.30 AM. It was a long  journey and one of the excited journey to meet Mozillians all over the India.  Then got ready somewhat faster and started to attend event around 10 AM.  The event started with the updates of the year 2013 by different task force team.

After that everyone started to join respective task force and started to share the ideas which they had in their mind. First day I joined with Technical team and shared my Ideas about how to improve the leader board which is available. I had a suggestion to add Firefox OS apps developer under Developers sections. Many had ideas to add contributors from SUMO team, Localisation team and so on. It was really a health discussion.

Then I had to joined with Firefox Students Ambassador task force team for the next whole day. I interacted with students to know what are all the difficulties they faced and how to improve App of the month contest so that they can develop lot of applications.  Then came to know that less awareness about Mozilla Appmaker and Tutorials.  To help them I updated the wiki page with tools and tutorials. Click here

Then the next day joined with Webmaker team and learned more about it. It was very interesting to discuss about the Webmaker.

I had interested to contribute to Mozilla developer Network which I feel is the biggest resource to learn about web technologies. The first thing which I did after Meet up was tweeting for SUMO.

I am excited now. Would like to contribute more and in different ways.


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