Angel Hack Bangalore

It is one my dream to go Angel hack and see what is happening there. I am aware lot of professional will be participating in this event and will be building their product which will be rocking in future.

I reached Bangalore on early morning 3rd May 2014. It was very difficult to find Microsoft office there many are not aware of this office. After a long time I finally found it. Then started walking for sometime towards the building. At the same time Galaxy, Deb, and Sayak came there. Unfortunately we all had similar T shirt which we all got for Firefox OS app Days which happened in Bangalore during the month of Jan 2013. We ourselves excited to see in this and left very happy for this. Then I personally introduced myself to Deb and Sayak since we have never had a chance to talk for a long time. Then after some time meet saikiran

We all had some little breakfast and I had 3 tea in the same venue that morning. Before that I had 2 near railway station.

Angel hack beings now.

It very well started with presentation of Angel hack team. Then Deb started to give presentation and started to answer lot of question which came from different developer.  One of the question which many had is ” why we need Firefox OS when there are already lot of mobile OS?”

  • It can run very well in low end devices so can make everyone online and enjoy.
  • Web developers can enjoy developing apps for it easily.

Then it followed by Sayak’s demo on how to develop Firefox OS application using Apache cordova and also introduced about the program Porting Cordova apps to  Firefox OS you can win cool things. Just check out.

Then we had some QA session where winner can get some awesome Firefox OS sticker, Firefox Sticker and Marketplace Sticker. Many answered the question asked for getting this awesome sticker. One person answer 3 question and he got maximum number of stickers.

Then blackberry introduced a program for Porting Android apps to Blackberry.

Then we had little lunch and after that hacking started everyone teamed up and started developing their prototypes.

Interesting thing many started to do web application.Some team were doing Firefox OS application.

Some of the webapp trying to port to Firefox OS apps as follows

An interesting opportunities I got in this. I have got a chance to help to develop Fierfox OS mobile application for them. And then I got introduced to Blackcorporation founder and talked with me to port their simple Android based mobile application to Firefox OS.

  • This event was really a good experience for me. I was able to meet some awesome mozillians and interacted with them had fun.
  • Got chance to work for some time in Company for porting Android apps to Firefox OS apps




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