MozCamp Beta 2014

MozCamp stands for Mozilla Camp. Yes Beta edition  happened in India. It was super energetic and awesome camp I ever attended.

It started on 20th June and ended on 22nd June. Many Mozillians around India participated in this Mega Event. There were 4 main contribution areas  targeted in this Mozcamp. And the beautiful thing which I liked it, this camp is all about Firefox OS (my fav Mobile OS)


Day 1 – 20th June 2014

It started with the App maker session. It was one of the awesome thing for Firefox OS app developers. They can easily drag and drop the required things for developing a simple mobile applications. Due to some personal works I have to miss this wonderful day.

Day 2- 21st June 2014

Reached bangalore early morning around 6.30 and met my friend and my room mate (Naresh Kumar). Then had a good breakfast and met some awesome Mozillians (sayak,deb,galaxy, Mozraj and so on).

The day started with Storytelling.  I got a chance to share my Story to Mozraj. Then we had a big Community building session. Where we started by sharing the things which we know to some unknown. Then it grow into 4. There were some special show during this session. Then there was some introductions about 5 most common session where more Mozillians used to get involved.

  • Mozcoffee
  • Webmaker
  • Firefox OS app days
  • Geo location
  • MDN

The above is a general session where all have participated. After knowing about them, I started loving them all.

Then from afternoon we had 4 different Contribution Areas.

  1. SUMO
  2. User Centered Design
  3. Engagement
  4. Developer Outreach

I love developer Outreach with a aim to learn how to teach and learn more about Firefox OS application development. I love technical evangelism that too mainly Firefox OS apps development.

It is one of the best session I have seen.  and  rocked the session. The whole afternoon was fully exciting to me. Then at the end of the session we had some brainstroming time. Me and another 3 Mozillians started to give the ideas which will be helpful to have good quality applications in the marketplace and tutorials to help other developer. We proposed the periodically Devderby event for professional developers and Firefox OS app of the month for Students.

Then we had a grand dinner and party at night.

Day 3 – June 22 2014

Got up in the morning. And rushed to check out the room with half minded. After breakfast we had recap of the previous day. Then the tracks were divided into 3 parts. Lighting talks, Webmaker party, and another open session. I attend Lighting talks. It was awesome by Mozillians from India. they have done different things.

Then attended Community Engagement session by Brian King. It was really good. I had a chance to note down the things like what are the problems faced by developers and which should be removed or improved in future.

Lot of things came forward. Then me,deb and another one was working on a idea to bring more developers to develop Firefox OS applications. The brainstroming with deb is awesome. He is really a cool man. One of the super hero for Mozilla India developer community.

Then we had debriefing. In this Mozcamp had  a chance to see lot of Mozillians and learn more about Firefox OS due to which I am Mozilla Rep today. My love has increased to large height than before. It will be increasing day by day.

My future action plan is to host Hackathons along with other Mozillians around my region. I would also like to develop more tutorials for Appmaker and going to learn more API’s which will be helpful for application development.



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