Appmaker Experience and My Love

After Mozcamp I came to know more about Appmaker. It is one of the interesting projects to me. Develop App without Code. Yes it is awesome. Recently I organised an event at SRM. Where I gave my talk on Appmaker. People loved to learn about it. Seriously everyone are eager to learn more about appmaker. We see participnats were eagerly developing apps for the whole day using Appmaker. And we have got 70 responses .

Some of my Blogpost contribution

To Learn more about bricks (explanation)
To Learn more about bricks (demo)
  • Utility brick  

But some of the Requirements sighted

  • Appmaker needs official Documentation and more examples as how each and every bricks can be used.
  • At some places there is a need to integrate with Back coding(but it will be against the aim like develop app without coding)
  • The header background needs some colors.
  • Lot of components needs pop-up as we have in Button with Conformation.
  • Sometimes we need to have a client server communication.
  • If possible Locale language support

Aaruush Firefox OS app days

This is one of the biggest Firefox OS hackathon we were expecting for a long time. The plan has been started three months back from May itself. And we were concentrating more on the Firefox OS development workshop.


We had a plan to give a session on Webmaker, then Appmaker and then would like to introduce about WebIDE for App development with coding. Nearly 10 Mozillians from different background and contributing to different projects of Mozilla Came.

  1. Naresh Kumar
  2. Vigneshwaran
  3. Sachin
  4. Mohankumar Duraiswamy
  5. Shashank
  6. Nikil
  7. Jerald
  8. Achyuth KP
  9. Franklin Francis
  10. Subhash

On Friday evening most of us reached the event place and we were received by Aaruush workshop organizer head ( Mahesh) and Firefox OS workshop organizers.

On Saturday morning we started our session. First we divided into two teams since they have arranged like for 250 in a room and another 200 in another room.
The day started with Spectrogram to make participants participate actively.  Then there was a introduction about various Webmaker tools like Thimble, X-ray Googlers and then Popcorn maker.
Then we gave some time for participants upto Lunch to do their makes and submit the makes so we can evaluate and give prize to the best make. It is really interesting to see people love webmaker and did their best. At the end of the day totally we had 99 makes
After lunch we started with the Appmaker session. It was one of the exciting session. People are very much excited to use Appmaker for developing interesting mobile applications without even single line of coding. To help developers with development previously blog post have been written about each and every bricks so they can understand them and can use easily. They were eagerly developing apps for the whole day. And we have got 70 responses . Every idea was interesting to hear and many did implementation. Some of the blogpost which shared with participants
Then there was introduction to Firefox OS and how to upload the apps to the marketplace. Then all continued their work and the day 1 ended at 5.00 PM.
Day 2
Then participants were eagerly waiting for the session on day 2 at 8.30 AM. Then we started with the different areas of contributions. Then we introduced about Firefox Students Ambassador club and we started a club at SRM. In parallel we give introduction to Bug fixing, WoMOZ, documentation and so on.
After few minutes we started with the introduction to WebIDE, and we were developing About me  app in step by step manner.  We had many experiments in this workshop like developing local language apps for Firefox OS, trying to use appmaker app in Firefox OS and so on.
Some of the interesting pictures
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