Appmaker Experience and My Love

After Mozcamp I came to know more about Appmaker. It is one of the interesting projects to me. Develop App without Code. Yes it is awesome. Recently I organised an event at SRM. Where I gave my talk on Appmaker. People loved to learn about it. Seriously everyone are eager to learn more about appmaker. We see participnats were eagerly developing apps for the whole day using Appmaker. And we have got 70 responses .

Some of my Blogpost contribution

To Learn more about bricks (explanation)
To Learn more about bricks (demo)
  • Utility brick  

But some of the Requirements sighted

  • Appmaker needs official Documentation and more examples as how each and every bricks can be used.
  • At some places there is a need to integrate with Back coding(but it will be against the aim like develop app without coding)
  • The header background needs some colors.
  • Lot of components needs pop-up as we have in Button with Conformation.
  • Sometimes we need to have a client server communication.
  • If possible Locale language support

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