Moz Cafe November 29th 2014

On 29th November we had a small talk with Mozillians around chennai. Sorry If I was not able to contact you all.

We tried to meet at Domino’s but we had problem like we were not sure how to reach the place and so on. But finally we meet.

Then I had a small conversation about how a club team can be formed and how to bring more contributors.

And we had a plan like we can have one person who has finished club leader training and passed the exam as club lead. Under his leadership we can try to focus on specific areas and club lead can be point of contact to reps in region and RAL’s. Say if we focus on Webmaker, appmaker, Firefox OS development, Addons development and so on. Let us have a person who take responsibility and learn about this well and can teach other also. Under him we can have more students to teach by this way we can contribute more to our favorite areas.

Then in Jan / Feb we can try to have a big event where we focus more on technical related activities like App development, Addon development, bug fixing, MDN sprint and little more. Should try to get venue for that. If possible we can try to have in many colleges but in weekends.

Then we started to Null meet up. There is a exciting surprise at the meet. We will be having a session on Firefox OS app development, and NULL Chennai Group members will be teaching which part of code will attack Firefox OS. It will be very interesting session on Jan 2015. Hoping to learn best part.

Mozillians Attended

  1. Naresh Kumar
  2. Krishna
  3. Subhash
  4. Achyuth KP 

I would like to accept all the question if you have. You can also mail me at


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