Meeting FSA karthickeyan

For past few days I have started talking to students or new contributors in our region personally meeting alone with them and explaining how to start contributing, what are the events they can focus on and so on.

I love talking alone with some one so I felt my full focus will be on them and can learn how they love to contribute.

The main aim of this meeting to talk about the upcoming Firefox OS app development workshop which is going to be conducted at SRM Easwari Engineering College.

We started talking about the agenda of the event, and I shared what are all the current contributions done by me and how I get started. He was willing to share his contributions story and why he was very excited to contribute to Mozilla and other open source projects.

For sure he is really amazing student I have meet. He is also Club lead of EEC Firefox Club and vice-president of the symposium in his department.

He had a good plan to conduct weekly classes for the students to teach about various areas of contribution. Hope this will work well. We are planning to talk about this later next month.

Stay tuned about the App day at SRM Easwari college.

You can also find the blogpost about our discssion.


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