Club inauguration at VIT chennai

It has been one of the awesome day for me in 2015. I have never before went and inaugurated any Firefox Student Ambassador Club. I finally got a chance to participate and start a club at Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai. After lot of discussion and suggestions for date Feb 21st 2015 was best date I have got, because for next few weeks bit busy with so many stuffs.

I reached university around 8.30 AM and got opportunity to explore about various departments and opportunities given by department. Especially Computer Science department has given Space for IBM, Microsoft, Google research. They also would like to talk with Mozilla Team regarding this.

Then around 10.00 AM the event started. I started with the Introduction about Firefox OS. What is Firefox OS, Why one should develop apps for Firefox OS, What is Open source and how can everyone contribute to Firefox OS.

Then gave small introduction about Mozilla Appmaker, with which we can create small application using drag and drop option. Students love to use and but due to internet connectivity many applications which were developed are not able to save.


Then had a small lunch break, after which started the session with developing Firefox OS apps by writing small lines of Code. For this we have first started to download Firefox Developer Edition browser. WebIDE was very interesting tool which helped a lot for development. Used Battery API for the demo, learn more in details about API


Then around 124 students were interested to join the club. Among them 10  were interested to learn more about Bug Fixing, 26 in learning more about Firefox OS app development in depth, 1 in Localisation, 2 in support ,3 Technical Writing and 4 in testing.

From March we have planned for weekly contributions and events to teach  more and depth about open source projects.


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