Firefox days at Anokha

Anokha is one of the biggest Annual techfest conducted by Amirta University Coimbatore. It has very huge number of student followers. More than 5000 students attend the event. This year Anokha team has reached Mozilla Chennai requesting to help with a Firefox OS session  & hackathon. It is 3 day event, planning for the event started 2 months back. Student Coordinators from Anokha are Raghav and Tharun and some of their friends.

Day 1

  • First day we gave a small introduction about Mozilla as a organisation. This session is handled by Achyuth (fellow rep from Mozchennai)
  • Followed by this we divided students into two sections. One part of the students very learning basics of git and another were learning about Firefox OS basics. git session was handled by Kumar rishav and achythosh while Firefox OS session was handled by Jai and Achyuth.
  • Then we had a small break for lunch. Post lunch Achyuth introduced Mozilla Appmaker tool which we can use to create simple applications.
  • After that Kumar and achythosh gave some basics of HTML,CSS and JS.
  • I was developing a template which can be reused by students for developing applications.


Day 2

The actual plan is to do active hackathon. We came to know some of the students have very basic knowledge about web techonolgoies. So we asked them to use the template which is developed by me to develop simple text based applications. In one session along with me, achyuth and Abhiram joined. And in another session Kumar and achythosh helped students.


The hackathon ended around 7.00 PM. Gauthamraj joined us at the end, he was waiting to collect swags for long time.


Day 3:

In this day, Gauthamraj explained various contribution areas with which students can contribute. and Abhiram explained about Webmaker. Then Again gauthamraj explained about Firefox Student Ambassador program to around 400 students.


It was really a great event I have been. Nearly 60 people singed up for Firefox Accounts. 30 apps have been submitted to Firefox Marketplace. 150 students learned about Firefox app development. 400 students came to know about various contribution areas.


4 thoughts on “Firefox days at Anokha

    • Vitchu says:

      உங்களிடம் இருந்து கேட்க சந்தோஷமாக இருக்கிறது.நன்றி

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