MDN Editing basics by Chennai Mozillians

I loved Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) very much. Due to its rich information in the website. I have contributed before giving small demos at MDN studios, participated in devderby event and have edited some small parts of MDN. Few days back Chris Mills added FX0 devices in MDN pages. I got introduced to them, and was asking whether we can also add other consumer devices. After some discussion everyone agreed to add pages about devices. But for sure in long time, maintaining them should be discussed again. I started writing pages for 4 Indian Mobile devices and some of the devices were already present at MDN. Working alone is very difficult and it wont help to know who are the community members interested to do. So decided to get help from Community Members at Chennai region (India) Then last week had poll in Facebook with community members and came to know some of them are interested. So this weekend we all planned and started talk in IRC (#chennai) On saturday we had small introduction about us all and then decided all can take one mobile and start writing MDN documents. Etherpad Some of members Interested are as follows

  • Achyuth KP
  • Viswaprasath
  • Sayan Goswami
  • Krishna Pokkuluri
  • Subhash Daggubati
  • Karthic keyan
  • Shreyas
  • Khaleel Jageer

But at the end some of the contributors didn’t had option to take any mobiles because we had only few mobile left for documentation.

Contributions after the Introduction
  • Huwai Y300II – Sayan
  • Alcatel One Touch Fire – Viswaprasth
  • Cherry Mobile Ace-krishna
  • Alcatel One Touch Fire E – Subhash
  • ZTE Open II – Khaleel Jageer
  • Alcatel One Touch Fire C- Karthic

So everyone took one device and spent this weekend successfully on creating MDN pages. Everyone know it is very basic but it is first step for the contribution. In upcoming weeks we will have more small events like this so we can create a good set of contributors in the community. Devices Which were already there


Khaleel Jageer


Some of the blogpost about Sprint by other contributors

Hope in upcoming days we can make new heights in contribution.


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