A new Start of my Localization Contribution

Most of my friends know I loved to spend my time as Firefox Marketplace app reviewer. It is really a great responsibility and fun to contribute. I love to play games very much, so many apps before coming to Firefox Marketplace I will test them and see how it works. It is awesome opportunity.

Recently few days back I got an opportunity from Havi to contribute to Localization (l10n) project and two weeks back Khaleel also had taught about me. I had one thing in my mind, that I have to bring new contributors to projects. So I ran a quick poll in Facebook at Mozilla India group

Lot of Contributors loved it. Among them for the most voted language we took and long time contributors discussed and willing to help new contributors.

  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Kandam
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Bengali

Here is the etherpad link

New contributors were excited to do, but some of the apps are removed and some languages have to be approved yet.

I contributed to Tamil language, at the end of the 2 day sprint we saw 4 new tamil apps localized. I personally contributed to 2 apps.

The problem I found we are not able to bring more contributors is the lack of awareness about localization and also it was very short time everything was done and also my little knowledge about localization.


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