Booth at VIT Chennai

It is one of the big event which happened in Chennai. Around 1000 developers came to the event for one of the biggest Mobile application hackathons.

We had lot of plans before this event, planned for local swags because turnout will be very high. But we are not able to get, since we decided to make stickers a week before. In this event we had plans to interact with developers regarding Firefox OS and we know mostly students are coming so we planned to introduce more about Firefox Student Ambassador Program and also students used to travel more around city so it will be really great to introduce about Mozilla Stumbler.

For this event we have got two interesting contributors outside Abhiram who is contributing to webmaker and bug fixing, he recently also help us in Anokha for Firefox OS app development days and also Manivanan who is active FSA in his city.

Mozillians attended the event Manivanan, Abhiram, Karthikeyan, Achyuth, Franklin and Subhash.

At first we had some random talks for first 1 hour, and then hackathon started. For first 1 hour no one came. Then around 11 AM everyone started to come one by one. Lot of interesting discussion were done. Many of the students who attended my talks before came and discussed about news various to contribute. Some of the students had discussion about Appmaker.

We divided ourself into Teams, Abhiram and Achyuth were discussing more about Mozstumbler and very contribution path, Manivanan and Karthikeyan gave introduction about Firefox Student ambassador program Franklin and Subhash and me gave introducing about Firefox OS and Firefox OS device demo. We had Flame with Firefox OS 3.0, Keon with Firefox OS1.1 and Intex Cloud FX. Many students who saw the device loved and asked where they can purchase it.

One of the Interesting discussion made with students when Abhiram & Achyuth was talking about Mozstumbler is

Open Source Air Quality Monitor

There are many system which monitor the heat level of a certain area or tell us the direction of a destination.But with air pollution reaching a   whole new level it demands actions to be taken.We have come up with a   pollution detector which will give pollution level similar to heat maps of earth in real time.Our project is open source has a compact and is cost efficient.
We are looking for  cloud based services ,to connect the user to the device 24*7.With Mozilla we are giving the independence to user to monitor his house air quality from anywhere be it office or another country.We can setup devices in buses ,trains  and other public and  private transports to get the data from a city,state,country and finally across the Globe.
From this data any tourists can get the tips of what type of
remedy is required to counter the pollution in different counties.We can create awareness about how  our daily activities contribute to  pollution and thus take one more step in a cleaner technology and greener future.
We have our prototype ready with all the specification .We are looking forward to work with Mozilla and contribute
to the society.

The discussion were great and we saw lot of interesting students in this event. Many students are from 3rd or 2 yr of study, they wanted us to visit their colleges to share our knowledge with them.

In Future we can see lot of interesting events focusing specific areas like Oneanddone, l10n, Evangelism, bug fixing.


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