Weeks of Contribution- Localization Week

In my previous post I have shared about the Weeks of Contribution – Introduction Week where we had session on Mozilla Location services

Then the second week is all about Localization. For this week we had session organized by Khaleel. In this first week we had the hangouts where we got to know about the various places where we can contribute to the Mozilla Localization. In the second week we got to know more about Mozilla Verbatim. It was one of the wonderful IRC chat we had, and we had maximum participation.

  1. Karthic Keyan.N 
  2. Keshav Kumar
  3. Bharath Vijay 
  4. Balaji Tamilselvan
  5. Viswaprasath 
  6. Naresh Kumar
  7. Vikneshwar 
  8. Mohammed Adam
  9.  Khaleel Jageer – HOST
  10. Dinesh Mv
  11. Arvind Srinivas
  12.  Krishna
  13. Sriram
  14. Shrinivasan
  15. Venkatesh
  16. Abdul Mohasin
  17. Venkat Raman

We created our profile during that session, so we can get started to contribute.

We are also tracking the contribution done by each and every contributor for the localization related projects.


We are expecting good number of contributors for this contribution area who can contribute for the long time and take the community forward.


Mozilla Location Services Contest Meetup Tamilnadu

Mozilla Location Services  is one of the most interesting contribution done by many Mozillians all over the world. In my previous post I have also mentioned how easy it is to start contributing to MLS services.

So in Tamilnadu we had a small pilot project where we are inviting new contributors either they are FSA, or experience professional to know about various contribution areas of Mozilla and its service. We called it as Weeks of Contribution, I have also shared about it previously and the impact that is going to be created due to this project as post.

In our First week on June 5th 2015 we had a introduction session about this project and what we are going to do and how we are going to create the impact. Then we have declared two main event one of the major event was Mozilla  Location services – Tamilnadu Stumbling in a Box.

Our main aim was to capture new places around Tamilnadu. This region is not so active in MLS, so would like to start it. On this first session around 10 community members have joined

  1. Karthic Keyan ( @hellokarthic )
  2. Dinesh Mv
  3. Vigneshwer @dvigneshwer 
  4. Mohammed Adam @mohammed_adam24
  5. Viswaprasath KS (@iamVP7) – Host
  6. Bharath vijay @bharathvijay38Bala
  7. Techone @balatechone
  8. Vignesh Thivagaran 
  9. Venkatesh S @venkatselva8
  10. paarttipaabhalaji@paarilovely

We have created etherpad to show our agenda and the whole event is captured in Google+ hangouts on air, so at any time any can watch. The notes about the whole session is also available in etherpad

Below is the one of the happy moment shared by one contributor.

To make the contributors active we have also created a local leaderboard. The main moto is to bring the first time Contributors to start contribution for the MLS project.  We hope we will bring some more people into this.