MLS Tamilnadu Wrapup

For the past month lot of contributors around Tamilnadu are travelling with Mozilla Stumbler in their Android device. We have came to the end of the event. We have announced the contest on Jun 2015 after seeing many communities have the contest in their region to bring more MLS contributors. It is also like a small contest to give some introduction for the first time contributors. Very soon we will be expecting pan India level MLS contest.

We have also built the decided leaderboard to see share how much each and everyone are scoring. Around 30 contributors all over India have participated in the contest.  And I have kindly informed top contributors like Rigin, Kumarasen and others in our country to mentor the upcoming new contributors, so it will be easier for new contributors to show their face as winners.

This is one of the first Geolocation Stumbling Event for contributors of Tamilnadu. All the training were given in online and blogposts. People were able to contribute well with this.

So the Final list of People who contributed (overall India)

List of Tamilnadu Contributors 

So many have thoughts on what’s next step. As mentioned before in our Tamilnadu Community Roadmap the top contributors will be helping us in our  future events and building the strong MLS community in India and in Tamilnadu.


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