Online Firefox OS app development Introduction

For past few days we had events in our MozillaTN (Mozilla Tamilnadu Community). We had Weeks Of Contribution program where we introduced. It is one of the first series of program and is more ambitious for our local contributors. We had a very big roadmap for next one year.

Last week we had introduction to Add-ons development by Naresh kumar who have been contributing for very long time. To follow this, we had Firefox OS app development introduction alone.

The main agenda for this is as follows

  1. Introduction to Firefox 
  2. Introduction about WebIDE.
  3. Introduction to Marketplace

The slide which is used for the Presentation is as follows

The whole video about regarding the presentation.

Some of our participants

  1. Mohammed Adam
  2. Arvind Srinivas
  3. Karthickeyan
  4. Nandha
  5. Anuraag
  6. Venkat Raman
  7. Indhumathi  
  8. Jayesh KR

We have planned to learn more about Firefox OS API’s in upcoming weeks. The journey of learning more about Firefox OS will be great. You can expect lot of post about this in upcoming series.

For this week we have a short website development task for attendees.  Some of the works are listed below

more websites will be updated in future.


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