Mozlando preparation

From the day I got mail from George the excitement started. I was invited by “Add-ons and Marketplace Management Operation” , have been contributing to Firefox OS apps from May 2014, one of the most excited Team in Mozilla.

I am basically staying at Chennai, my visa interviews are cleared and tickets are booked. Many thanks to Fransisco and Brianna for helping a lot and solving lot of queries.

My flight ticket was booked as following from Chennai to Bangalore , then Bangalore to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to Orlando. But for past 1 month almost full of November we had rain in Chennai, and it is biggest in last 100 years.

A week before my trip lot of exciting, the first international trip and a invitation from Mozilla for its one of the biggest event in the year. November 30th is Monday and the week started and its my birthday. Was celebrating with my friends in office and in my room. At the late evening we went for dinner and heavy rain started. I thought it will be normal and come to minimum in a day or two.

On December 1st got up as usual, saw heavy continuous rain from last night which didn’t stop for very long time. Didn’t except lot of plans in that week will collapse.

Actually in our apartment we didn’t get rain water a week back. But due to continuous rain for more than 12 hours almost we had water and almost many bikes got damaged. And outside our apartment we had almost upto hip level. With lot of difficulty myself and my friend reached our office. Even in entrance we had water.

Our office management (Zoho) was very kind they cared all of us. Almost all in top management came to help us. We stayed in our office and all of us were safe. Many faced problems who tried to went out and tried to walk in water. All are safe to my knowledge and our office had rescue team those who struggled outside.

For almost two days I stayed in our office and then finally decided to goto my home town.
So the airport in Chennai is closed due to heavy water there. I had my flight from Chennai on 6th night in jetairways. Even 5th Evening jetairways saying they had flight. It was very difficult to contact their customer care. I was constantly mailing Lufthansa people, who were very helpful.

Finally reached Bangalore my friend who is in Bangalore helped me to reach airport. It is seriously a very big journey from Salem to Bangalore. Finally reached airport.

It was great to reach airport and from there I have to reach Frankfurt. On seeing that airport I was mesmerized. It was very big, have never seen such a big airport. Was awesome.

The excitement is get increased since I had another 11 hours to reach Orlando. At same time I felt lonely no one (Mozillians) came from Bangalore. But in Frankfurt I had surprise waited. Our AMMO team biggest contributor and awesome leader Nino was there. Ha finally I got one company. Then Brain king came and joined us, along with Elio came. At the time of flight almost 1/3 of the flight bad Mozillians I guess. I saw one of the eldest add-ons contributor. I hope he should be 50+.

I was shocked and realized there is no age limit to do contribution.  And we all went and reached Orlando finally.

Had some simple questions there in customs and entered US. Then we all contributors went inside big bus to reach swam and dolphin hotel. That was a AC bus and is big.

Finally reached hotel, but due to this long journey I wanted to sleep well. But after getting fresh up, I went for pre event dinner. I had chance to many new Mozillians and finally our community manager Amy. She is awesome introduced her two little daughters and we had some good chat.

Then after all chat with Mozillians I called my  cousin, and all relatives. Ya this is first visit to US and I am first one who is sponsored by Mozilla to visit and discuss about lot of upcoming projects and strengthen my contribution path and help new contributors contribution path.

Finally Reached US and had some sleep. In next post you can learn more about what I did in Mozlando.


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