Mozlando 2015 started at orlando

It’s 8 AM on 8th December 2015, I have got up and was getting ready for the key note. This is my first key note which I am going to attend in such a big event. I was much excited. Had my breakfast and reached a very big hall. Almost most of the people were sitting in the room, I came bit late. I saw a awesome guy making beautiful music simply with his voice. There was exciting waited to all, we had fox cute dolls in all the chair.


Then awesome Key note started by Mozilla’s CEO. It was very exciting to see lot of updates in the key note.  The most exciting part of the key note is on Stage they launched an App for iOS (Focus By Firefox).

Then we had very big announcement, that Firefox OS in partnership with Phone makers will be stopped as of now. There are lot of reasons behind, some of the view shared by one of my Friend Nino. Check his blogpost . With this announcement there was little shock all over the room. Seriously not many expected but we got it. So there will be some changes with Marketplace in future. Yes personally I had some shock, I have started my contribution to Marketplace last June, now in next years we may not have it for Phones.

Yes I have to take some time and think what I am going to contribute newly. But I am not too much sad, there are lot of ways we can contribute to Firefox and Mozilla Products. I had chance to write some articles in Mozilla Developer Network, I tried sometime in AOA, I contribute to Firefox OS testing, I am happily building our Local Tamilnadu (India) Community, I can learn to develop Add-ons and code them. There are lot. Yes I will be slowly finding my new contribution and start contributing there.

After the end of key note we went for big photo shoot. There were 1200 Mozillians in that room. Yes almost all in 1 photo


There is a small story which I should share about Fox toy. I came late to room, and I saw at the left corner. In front of me around 3 people sat, and behind me some 10-15 sat. Our row was bit empty, as other 3 rows are fully occupied. I met awesome Mozillian Mano Bala, had chance to talk with him after Key note. I got surprised when I was preparing to go out. The toy which I kept next to my seat was missing, it is fine when 1 or 2 missing, but what if all the toy in the whole row is missing (around 250). Yes we contributors love that cute Fox, and many of us wanted to give that to our friends also share our happiness. But some of the Toy was left in the room at the pillars and some 1 or 2 chairs, I got 2 one for me and one for my Rep mentor 🙂

Then Brain King and William Quiviger announced they will be giving Fox fooding device those who signed up for contributing. I was excited and signup for that program. Got an amazing Sony Xperia z3c Device, which I will be using as my primary device and share the bugs.

Then went to FxOS Add-ons long term planning  session in the evening had some conversation there.

In the evening, we (some Mozillians) went to Magic Kingdom, it was one of the most awesome place I went. The roller coaster  ride, Fireworks and parade were awesome.IMG_20151209_064735

We stayed there till 11 PM, and came to room very late. It was awesome tuesday, at same time have got lot of text regarding Firefox OS future which has to be explained a little to all.



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