Mozlando 2015 Part 2

Day 1 was really a very big day at Mozlando, as I wrote before. Lot of personal messages from friends and community members regarding Firefox OS.

Then day 2 I first went to FxOS TV – Orlando hands on workshop  to learn how to get started with FxOS apps for TV and how the Marketplace team will be working with FxOS apps. This is the first time I was TV with Firefox OS and was interesting and looked awesome. Then in between that session I went out, and joined in  2016 Add-ons Community Planning , it was one of the most important meeting for our AMMO team as we were planning about our future 2016 goals.


Pic by Trishul

This session had lot of discussion, and we interacted with everyone like what we can focus and how to actively involve with Contributors and so on. The meeting room was awesome too. We Marketplace app reviewers talking with our Community Manager Amyt, regarding where we can actively contribute more in future and she gave some tips and asked us to Jump at Go faster projects session which happens on Friday

After lunch spent some time in Marketplace & Content Ecosystem all hands to know updates and direction Marketplace will move in future. I was started playing with the Sony Z3C Foxfooding device.

The day 3 started with Add-on developer lifecycle brainstorming, we had lot of discussion in this session too and there is etherpad shared in this session.

 Spent evening in the Disney Hollywood studios, it was really a nice place to visit, we had some great time there. IMG_20151211_043536


 In Day 5 we started with Marketplace photo session, it was very funny with Nino, Ram Dayal and Trishual then we went to Reps town hall, then went to get VR from Dietrich. I shared news in Marketplace group, but unfortunately shared work room number 😦
Then in the afternoon went to Demo Session for Go-Faster Projects where we learnt more about Kinto project, l10n Project and another. It was amazing. And one thing to note was the room was over flowing, there was no place to stand and lot of participation was there.
After this we had end Plenary session and then we all went for dinner with sad faces as Mozlando came to  week end. The next day we all started towards our places.
It was really a very big invite I have been and the learning was very awesome. Really I came to know I have to explore lot of things with respect to Mozilla Contribution paths alone. What I have done or doing is very little and the impact created is also very small compared to what others doing.
I feel its time to take some time to think where I can contribute actively in future. I am sure I will be motivating and will act like a good mentor to my community members. Will update about my 2016 Q1 plan in upcoming posts.

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