My Q1 Plans for Contributing in 2016

So this is the last day in 2015.  And lot of things are in mind to write. Lot of things to be done in 2016 for Professional growth, personal growth and community involvement. In this post I will be sharing mostly the things which I will be focus for community.

So 2015 is really a great year for me right from beginning. I had lot of changes in me personally and professional.

I work as a software developer in an reputed organization, where we are free to work on interesting projects and explore it and bring to good shape. I feel I am very much gifted due to my teammates. Each and everyone care others a lot and help everyone. So I had lot of opportunity to learn and explore in 2015.

Coming back to community, many know me as Firefox OS app reviewer, some as Mozilla Reps and so on. Mozilla gave me lot of opportunities to learn.

In 2015 along with other contributors in our region, we started to bring shape to our local community( Mozilla Tamilnadu), it was really a great start.

Started with online meetups, building websites (using angular JS) and forming small taskforce teams and now it is awesome and huge. I am happy I am also a member in shaping this community. In MozillaTN year end chat there was main concern in community was sustaining the contributors who love to Contributor

May be some of the things which I look which fall under that are

  • Motivating Contributors and help them to get in touch with functional Areas
  • FSA gets activated only after 3 months.
  • Keeping track of contribution done.

One of the approach I would like to bring to solve 2 of the issue will be discussed below.

Would like to introduce a structure similar to Mozilla Reps. It was awesome structure, where a person can become Mentee at first and then based on his effective contribution he will be Mentor. He will have upto 10 Mentees to guide. Similar to this we can try in Mozilla Tamilnadu community.

First would like to start with 5 or 6 Contributors who are willing to become Mentors. And then when any of the new FSA contributor joins the community, he will be assigned to a Mentor who has some knowledge about the contribution area FSA or new contributor would like to contribute to and also know about Mentors of various other contribution area in Tamilnadu, and when another one comes he / she will  be assigned to another Mentor. Here we can restrict upto 5 Mentees per mentor. The main reason is many will not have time to spend whole free time with their Mentees.

The Requirements of the Mentors

  • Willingness to help
  • Strong contribution in any one of functional areas
  • Thinking him as a good leader

The Responsibilities of the Mentors

  • Motivating FSA to get started with functional areas.
  • Scheduling Monthly private calls with Mentees.

This Mentor-Mentee relationship is mainly to focus and share what people are doing. Helping the new contributors to get started.

My main goal of 2016 Q1 is to help forming this structure. I would like to be responsible to form this community structure. For the past few days alone with other contributors I am also focusing on Community building. I feel this will be very helpful form this and run this project.

I will be happy to hear back the comments from Community members, regarding the structure and the changes we can bring here.

Another important structure to bring contribution focusing on functional areas is building functional working groups or Task Force groups. We in Mozilla Tamilnadu have very good number of contributors. And we all have to come forward to mentor contributors in our area.

Say there is a new contributor and he is under a mentor, if the mentor is aware of the contribution area of new contributor then new contributor can easily talk to Mentor and get his doubt clarified, in some cases if Mentors are not confident about any functional areas then he can direct his Mentee to functional area Mentor.

Our Functional area (or task Force team) can have upto 1 Owner who is contributing for very long time in Particular path (say l10n, webmaker so on..) and upto 2 Peers and other will become Members.  We can have rotational cycle with Peers and Owners. Will talk about this more after forming mentor-mentee structure.

If you are interested in becoming Mentor Please write a mail to with Subject MozillaTN Contributor Mentor

will share the next steps in person. Last date in Jan 25th



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