Mozilla QA at Anokha 2016

Anokha is one of the big fest happens in Southern India. Huge crowd always comes to the event for learning lot of things. For this event planning started 3 months before (During November 2015).  Adam and Gowtham Venkat started talks for the event.


So our main agenda was based on contributing to QA.

Day 1
  •  Introduction to Foss and Mozilla
  •  Introduction to FSA program
  •  Introduction QA Taskforce in India
  • Introduction to Bugzilla & Filling Bugs
  • Introduction about One and Done

Day 2

  • Introduction to MozTrap
  • Bug Verification
  • Bug Triaging
  • Introduction to Add-ons development
The day 1 of the event started bit slowly. We had General introduction session about FOSS by Adam, Mozilla  and its contribution path by Karthic. Then about the QA and how we can contribute to them by Adam.
Then in the afternoon we started with One and Done and how it is helpful to get started with the community. I was explaining how to choose the task, how to talk in IRC.
Then to have hands-on experience we asked attendees to choose a very simple task. We took writing review to add-ons almost 30+ attendees out of 55 installed different add-ons in their developer edition and give reviews. After sharing about oneanddone I was sharing more information about Bugzilla,  how to file a bug, what are all the various flags invovled, how to response to a bug, what are all the information expected while filling a bug. Along with this some of the attendees have found some 1 or 2 bugs in their Firefox for Android app. We wrapped day 1 around 5:30 as the college is in remote places, it is difficult to travel for attendees. Some attendees expect some introduction to coding contribution, while I was asking them feedback personally.
The second day started with general introduction to WebExtensions. Used the Web Extension examples available at Github to teach about this. Shared the source code to them, so they can try some extensions development. We had this session for almost half a day.
Then in Second half of the day Karthic and Tummla shared their knowledge about github and filling issues their. Some of the projects in Mozilla started using github for filling the bugs than bugzilla, so it was really a good introduction to them.
Then after the introduction we gave them MozillaTN weeks of Contribution website. And asked them to file issues, attendees were interested in filling the  issues and also solving this basic HTML/CSS/JS issues.
It was one of the wonderful experience. There are still something to be learnt so all the questions from attendees will be addressed.
Thanks to Gowtham Venkat, Karthic, Adam , Tumala and other contributors who made this event very big.

Weeks of Contribution – Impact on me & community part-3

So this is the final post of this Weeks Of Contribution series. In previous two posts have been discussing about how it all started, and what are the syllabus we covered what we covered. This post is about who is contributing to which areas, here we will be mostly list the contributors in Tamilnadu region. When the Weeks of Contribution started the main aim was to bring new contributors. We would like to analyse how many contributors are started contributing newly.

Mozilla Location Services

Previously Contributing to MLS

New Contributors to MLS

  • prathik
  • Makilan
  • Vishnu
  • amaneight
  • gowthamvenkat
  • balatechone
  • venkatselva8
  • dvigneshwer
  • Manikanta
  • Silenced
  • krispokkuluri
  • arjunmayilvaganan


Previously Contributing

New Contributors

New Signups


  • Adam (New)
  • Sayan (New)
  • Subhash (New)
  • Viswaprasth
  • krishna (New)
  • Khaleel Jageer (New)
  • Karthic (New)

Firefox OS app development

  • Paarttipaabhalaji
  • Gowtham Venkat
  • Craken sio
  • Adam
  • Makilan


  • Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

Social Media

  • Manivannan

As a whole the new contributors are as follows who participated and Weeks of Contribution

  1. Manivannan
  2. Paarttipaabhalaji
  3. Gowtham Venkat
  4. Craken sio
  5. Adam
  6. Makilan
  7. Subhash
  8. Makilan
  9. Vishnu
  10. amaneight
  11. balatechone
  12. venkatselva8
  13. Manikanta
  14. Silenced
  15. krispokkuluri
  16. arjunmayilvaganan

The above people are actively contributing to any one of the project and spreading awareness in their places. We have left some of the contributors unfortunately sorry for that.

This was really a good growth having 15 new contributors is awesome. We will bring more active contributions in the upcoming days.

Weeks of Contribution- Localization Week

In my previous post I have shared about the Weeks of Contribution – Introduction Week where we had session on Mozilla Location services

Then the second week is all about Localization. For this week we had session organized by Khaleel. In this first week we had the hangouts where we got to know about the various places where we can contribute to the Mozilla Localization. In the second week we got to know more about Mozilla Verbatim. It was one of the wonderful IRC chat we had, and we had maximum participation.

  1. Karthic Keyan.N 
  2. Keshav Kumar
  3. Bharath Vijay 
  4. Balaji Tamilselvan
  5. Viswaprasath 
  6. Naresh Kumar
  7. Vikneshwar 
  8. Mohammed Adam
  9.  Khaleel Jageer – HOST
  10. Dinesh Mv
  11. Arvind Srinivas
  12.  Krishna
  13. Sriram
  14. Shrinivasan
  15. Venkatesh
  16. Abdul Mohasin
  17. Venkat Raman

We created our profile during that session, so we can get started to contribute.

We are also tracking the contribution done by each and every contributor for the localization related projects.


We are expecting good number of contributors for this contribution area who can contribute for the long time and take the community forward.

Mozilla Tamilnadu community Roadmap

Mozilla Tamilnadu community is one of the fast growing community. Lot contributors all over the region doing their best to teach what they have learnt. In next few days we can see good contributor base from this region.


One of the good initiative and effective one is starting of Weeks of Contribution program where contributors sharing their knowledge to teach new contributors about the areas of contribution.

3 Months roadmap (July-September)
We have defined some of exciting contribution areas of Weeks of contribution. We will be having more events and more sessions on them for next 2 months fully. The main aim of conducting events to learn with gamified approach. For each and every events Say MLS , l10n there will be some goodies from Mozilla team. The main aim is not goodies distribution wanted all to learn and start contribution. Open source community is full of learning and gaining more experience. This learning and experience is more equivalent to professional experience.

Take code contribution, Mozilla use git for some projects. As the same each and every organisation have git or hg for code management. When u contribute to open source the project mentors and admin will help you right from documentation to bug reporting to bug fixing. The same approach you can use in your office to solve project bugs. Here we learn for free without spending money as some do by going to classes. These experiences can be gained from classes unless you work on real time projects.
Take localization many contributors who I know and who contribute to l10n currently work as full time employee of RedHat  maintaining lots of documents and writing new things in their language. These people may have other specialization like in code or in UI or UX but they are also more enthu to bring technology to their language.

With this main aim we MozillaTN community will teach basics of each and every areas of contribution and will conduct events so people gain basic of professional knowledge.

After these series of teaching and events we will have a community Tamilnadu meetup where active contributors are invited. These contributors will be discussing how to take contribution to next level. And in this meetup for each area of contribution Mentors will be assigned and along with them peers will be there. Mentors and peers active involve in teaching new contributors. Mentor will be active participant to drive community forward for next year. Mentors will additional have good leadership skills compared to peers. Peers will help in organising events and documentation of events. At any time Mentor can Resign his position and give opportunity to peers. Each Mentor can serve the role for  4 months or 6 months based on number of mentors and peers.

6  Months roadmap (July – December)
After finishing the weeks of contribution and Community task force formation the next step is to have good documentation resource and video tutorials for all areas of contribution. Say this documentation involves writing blog posts on each and everything about contribution. Say if it is about app development then technical team and documentation team will write about the API’S and localization team will help to translate it to local language. The local language post will be in contributor blog who made it.

In the mean time we also will create video tutorials and the website will be updated reg information like app of month by community members , addons of month by community member, theme by community members, bugs solved translation done and so on.

Next 6 month phrase (Jan -June)
With the enough resource we created we then go forward to being new contributors and conduct more offline events to have good interaction and participation. In mean time communicate with global teams and Mozilla India community to shape and help contributors.

Learning is a continuous process , we can’t stop it in a day or in a week. The roadmap is shaped such that the contributor focusing particular area learn well, have good resource with him. Then he / she share with others. It’s is not possible for a contributor to teach samethings again and again so having resource created before will make job easier. If people search these documents come automatically else if they ask we can point easily.

Weeks of Contribution

We in India recently had Task Force meetup 2015. Previous year I have been contributing to Firefox Student Ambassador Task force team as I was VP of Tech of FSA program. This year also I joined as FSA task force as member to continue my contribution. And also I joined Marketplace task force team newly created. Sayak introduced me to MLS team. I love to learn many things so I can share to my friends and other contributors. With this in mind we some contributors in Tamilnadu ( a small state in India) was discussing to organize weekly only event so many new contributors will be joining and learning new things. Thats how Weeks of Contribution began.

Before starting this we have created a small website for our region, we have also integrated it with Google analytics. We released our website on May 25th 2015 I had gained some good views from Community members and had 30 visits, now after one month June 26th 2015 we had 150 visits. On Average 75 visit per day we are having. We are trying to update it with latest content we can.

Would love to share few notes as Weeks of Contribution

About Week of Contribution
This is a simple program to teach new contributors about how to contribute in various areas of contribution of Mozilla.
Who Organize this
It is fully organised by contributors who are contributing previously.
The whole teaching is going to happen via Google+ hangouts on Air. Contributors can learn all around the world at any time and any place. 
Areas of Contribution
  • Mozilla Location Services
  • Bug fixing
  • One and Done
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Helping
  • Translating
  • SUMO
  • Activism

Planned to have one area each and every week. With some gaps after every 2 areas are introduced so contributors can do some contribution and can show to the community.

Our main focus is to bring contributors and help them to show the path for Open source contribution.

Hope at the end of this program around 20 new contributors will start contributing to various contribution areas.

My March Contributions to Mozilla Community

This March month is very exciting month for me in terms of contributing to Mozilla Community. I should thank all my friends and other Mozillians who helped and invited me to many events. Right from First day of this month I have been engaged in Community activities very actively.

March 1st 2015

On this day we (Mozilla Chennai Community members) went to interesting Carte Blanche event where there will be full knowledge sharing between open source communities and college students.  We (myself, Naresh Kumar and Sachin) had opportunity to share about Firefox OS, Firefox Accounts and Firefox Add-ons.

I personally handled Firefox OS session. I introduced some of the API’s.

Some of the interesting facts of the event

  • around 250 New Firefox Accounts have been created.
  • Around 350 got introduced about Firefox OS and Firefox Addons
  • Around 200 Students shown Interest to become Firefox Student Ambassador

March 5th – March 7th

During this three days two days are fully dedicated for Firefox OS learning and hackathon and third day is all about general session. It was really one of the great event and full of dedicated Tech enthu. Anokha is biggest annual Tech fest conducted at Amirta University. For this event around 120 students came for hackathon.

Mozillians participated

  • Jai
  • Achyuth
  • Gauthamraj
  • Abhiram
  • Kumar Rishavb
  • Ashyuthosh

First day is full of teaching about Firefox OS. The students were mostly from 1st year and 2nd year of UG. So they had only little knowledge about coding. To tackle this I have created a small template which students can edit and create small Firefox OS apps. Create a template My city which is based on Firefox App of the Month contest.

With the help of this template around 30 apps have been created by 60 students in total on that particular event. Thanks to Nino who is another App reviewer like me helped in reviewing this apps.

March 8th

This day we had simple hackathon at MIT chennai again after 1 week. On this day around 20 developers came and developed apps. Around 12 apps completed on that day.

11039738_881484005227031_1032090762_n 11050985_881484061893692_1093294316_n

On 14th and 15th

This week I didn’t attend any physical events, but I was interested in conducting it online. So I remember there are some MDN tasks which has to be completed. So in #chennai we all sat and were discussing about creating MDN pages for Firefox OS. We had online MDN Sprint

Some of the Pages Created


Khaleel Jageer


On the parallel day Khaleel had a event on Localization, I got to learn from him about it to translating Firefox OS apps in Transifex

On 21st and 22nd

We planned to have a booth at VIT chennai on Android Amaze. Our main aim was to introduce students about Mozilla Stumbler, Firefox OS and Firefox Students Ambassador program. We also displayed Firefox OS devices (Flame, Intex Cloud Fx). One of the awesome interaction we had was during introduction of Mozilla Stumbler to a student.

Open Source Air Quality Monitor

There are many system which monitor the heat level of a certain area or tell us the direction of a destination.But with air pollution reaching a   whole new level it demands actions to be taken.We have come up with a   pollution detector which will give pollution level similar to heat maps of earth in real time.Our project is open source has a compact and is cost efficient.
We are looking for  cloud based services ,to connect the user to the device 24*7.With Mozilla we are giving the independence to user to monitor his house air quality from anywhere be it office or another country.We can setup devices in buses ,trains  and other public and  private transports to get the data from a city,state,country and finally across the Globe.
From this data any tourists can get the tips of what type of
remedy is required to counter the pollution in different counties.We can create awareness about how  our daily activities contribute to  pollution and thus take one more step in a cleaner technology and greener future.
We have our prototype ready with all the specification .We are looking forward to work with Mozilla and contribute
to the society.

We had around 600 Students visiting our booth.


I used to test Firefox OS with nightly version, and write blogpost about interesting features it has. In this month I wrote about Find My Device option which is available in Firefox 2.0+
Finding Firefox device from browser
Enabling Find My Firefox Device
On 28th and 29th

I was having a small idea about bring new contributors to Firefox OS apps Localization. So I tried to contact other regional Localization experts for help with this event. Since many language people are getting involved we decided to make it online, so we can easily teach other in IRC. In India Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Kanadam and Telugu contributors participated. For other languages it was bit difficult to find in short time. So we (Rigin oommen, Ayan choudhury, Biraj, Khaleel jageer, Raj suthar,Veera Manikanta, Sukanta Pal) talked in Facebook and decided to mentor new upcoming contributors.

Around 9 apps have been translated by Malayalam, Bengali and Tamil Community members.

Localization Contributions By me.

I have Translated around 3 apps in this month

Firefox OS Marketplace Appreviewer

This is my main Area of contribution, this month I was busy with lot of other contributions due to which I was not able to contribute much. Around 167 apps has been reviewed till today.

It was really a wonderful month of contribution, I was able to contribute to Firefox OS app, Firefox OS knowledge sharing, Firefox OS Localisation, Firefox OS devices Writing in MDN and also to Firefox OS Marketplace as App-reviewer.